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This privacy policy was last updated on the 24th of august 2021.

Your privacy is important to me. That’s why I do absolutely everything to keep you up to date about how I handle your information and why. 

Do you have any questions or is anything unclear? Don’t hesitate to ask me, either through my contactform or by email at

Why do I process data and personal information?

I highly value relevance.
The right message to the right person, at the right time. Consequently, I try to map my target audience as well as possible by analyzing my website visitors’ behavior. That’s also referred to as profiling. To do this, I use Google Analytics, one of the most commonly used web analytics tools that doesn’t take privacy and data protection lightly.

By doing that, I can find out a little more about you, without having to obtain your identity. Based on your behavior, I try to focus my communication (for instance email newsletters) and advertisements (for example on Google) on your preferences specifically. That way, it’s relevant for you and I have less work to do! I try to make your online experience even better by optimizing my website based on my analyses. 

I hope that you’ll take the first step and drop me a line. You can reach out through my contact form where I’ll ask for your name and email address. Of course you understand that I need this information to be able to personally contact you with regard to your message. 

How do I collect and process this information?

The personal data that comes in through my website, is processed on the basis of article 6.1 of the General Data Protection Regulation. That means that I process personal data:

  • Because you’re contacting me and because you can expect an answer from me.

Is my data being shared with third parties?

I will never pass on your personal data to third parties with commercial purposes.

Some website plugins can be seen as a third party. That’s how my website passes on information to social networks if you share one of my cases or blogs.

My external providers and I guarantee that we’re taking all the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of your personal data. 

How long do I keep your data?

Online forms that you send to me through the website are kept in my content management system and in the database that is linked to it. There’s no specific retention period allocated to this, as I want to efficiently follow up on all queries.

You’re able to look at, improve, request and delete your personal data. Contact me at and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Your rights

You have the right to look at your personal data, improve it in case there’s some incorrect or incomplete information, delete them or limit the process of their use.

You can reach me at:

Jan Lesy
Sint-Annalei 33
2640 Mortsel

Ondernemingsnummer: BE0751.829.380